Isikuki Punivalu & Associates Ltd
Engineering & Management Consultants

The Pacific Pearl, Lalovaea Street, Togafu‘afu‘a,  P.O Box 3606, Ph:20842 Fax:20843, Email:,
Website:, Apia, Samoa

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Core Business Services



Company Profile

Isikuki Punivalu & Associates Ltd (IPA Ltd) an Engineering & Management Consultant company in Samoa was established in 2003. The consultancy company, IPA Ltd, has been established during a dynamic phase in Samoa’s development where the private sector participation was encouraged by government to provide services for a reformed Ministry of Works. The Ministry of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure used to provide most of the services for its infrastructure maintenance and operations internally, however its new role changed from services provider to that of asset managers provide opportunities to Consultants like IPA the chance of providing design, supervision, and advisory services to the government of Samoa.

Leiataua Isikuki Punivalu is the Managing Director and major shareholder of IPA. He is a highly qualified and experienced civil engineer, and brings with him vast experience in the areas of project management and project administration. He also has highly developed administrative and budgetary skills from serving 14 years as the Head of the Department of Public Works.
Leiataua Punivalu is renowned in the consulting and construction field in Samoa. In particular his leadership role, in steering the former Department of Public Works through the most significant changes to public works management in Samoa’s short history. This restructure involved reshaping a Department which formerly delivered design and construction services into a Ministry able to provide infrastructure asset management, policies, and regulatory support to Government.

Also, being a driving force as the Project Management Unit behind the Steering Committee of Infrastructure Asset Management Project-Phase I and Cyclone Emergency Recovery Project both successful completion. IPA as a firm was selected in accordance with World Bank Guidelines as the Project Management Unit for Second Infrastructure Asset Management Project –Phase II and Tsunami  Emergency Recovery Project.

IPA Ltd is familiar with the laws, procedures and labour practices in Samoa. Apart from Our CORE Business services as listed.

We are highly versed in our Samoan Customs and it’s protocals from Political aspects to village community and it’s matai systems. This is particularly important in facilitating and ensuring a timely start and completion of projects that require community approval and assistance.

We also have  good relationship with reputable and experience contractors in the areas of Stevedoring, Freight Forwarder, Transportation, Earth moving, Heavy moving machinery contractors, Product Suppliers, Law Firms and Accounting Firms.

IPA has vast experience in procedures and requirements of International Donors. We have maintained a wide network of contacts through professional years of service with Government Ministries and Corporations as well as the private sector. In particularly but not limited to:-

Infrastructure- Roads, Bridges, Water, Electricity, Aviation

Environment-Environment Impact Assessment Report (EIA), Preliminary Environment Assessment Report (PEAR), in addition regional experience Climate  Change,  Renewable Energy  and Fisheries.

We have a vibrant and dynamic professional team in areas

Other Services- Human Resource & Recruitment

We can assist you with recruitment of professional or support staff